Leapfrog – Vocabulary and oral language development

Tips for parents on how to develop children’s vocabulary and oral language during playtime and everyday activities.

Pamela Snow: Language and literacy across the school years

Teachers need knowledge and strategies to successfully support all students in their literacy journey.  Pamela Snow discusses essentials to support rigorous literacy learning in every curriculum area

Child Development Institute: The building blocks of communication

This video explains the different types of non-verbal and verbal interaction children need from birth to school to help them become successful communicators.

Anne Fernald: Why talking to little kids matters

One of the world’s leading experts in infant-directed speech explains how the quality of our interactions with infants and young children effects their brain development for life.

Children of the Code: Language foundations

Understanding the critical relationship between children’s vocabulary and language development and their readiness to learn to read.

Reading Rockets: From babbling to books

Early childhood education experts discuss research-based strategies for developing language and pre-reading skills in young children.

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