Online games and apps


App for preschool children that teaches letters, sounds and words.

First Letters and Phonics

(Lite and $)

Can choose to use letter sounds or letter names. Activities are basic. No clear sequence.

Sounds Write Initial Code

Good structure and sequence. Moves to word reading quickly. Good instructions for activities.

Little Finder ABC


Letter name recognition not letter sounds. Font is unusual. No instruction or corrective feedback. Child can play alone or with a partner.

Montessori Letter Sounds


Simple to use. Good instructions for activities. Takes a while to get to blending and word reading.

Starfall Learn to Read

Teaches all common letter sounds and digraphs with an introductory video, simple stories using the letters, and games to practice. Has other interesting content including art, poetry and music.

Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic

No single letter instruction or activities. Goes straight into word building and matching. Simple to use. Good for decodable reading and spelling practice.

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