Primary Reading Pledge: A plan to have all students reading by the end of primary school

Five from Five, AUSPELD, and Learning Difficulties Australia have collaborated on an evidence-based framework for schools to dramatically reduce the number of children who finish primary school unable to read proficiently.

In 2020, more than 50,000 students started their secondary studies with low literacy levels.

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Short-changed: Preparation to teach reading in initial teacher education

This report adds to the evidence supporting the need for urgent and dramatic improvement in initial teacher education by looking at the extent to which literacy units in undergraduate initial teacher education courses provide evidence-based information on how children learn to read; and the most effective ways to teach them

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Reading Recovery: A Failed Investment

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program for students in Year 1 who are having difficulty learning to read. Yet numerous studies of Reading Recovery have provided no sound evidence that it has sustained positive effects on children’s reading achievement, despite its widespread use and high cost. Full report


Setting the Record Straight on the Research on Reading

80 corrections, clarifications and comments on Ewing, R. (2018). “Exploding SOME of the myths about learning to read: A review of research on the role of phonics”. Sydney: NSW Teachers Federation

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Focus on Phonics.

A simple, five-minute Phonics Screening Check could identify at an early stage school children who are at serious risk of struggling with reading skills.

Read about why Australia should adopt the year 1 phonics screening check . Full report


Read About It: Scientific evidence for effective teaching of reading

Read how scientific evidence for effective teaching of reading can improve instruction that will have significant and sustained impact on literacy in the early years. Full report


Five from Five Research Brief 2 – What is Systematic Synthetic Phonics?

What is Systematic Synthetic Phonics? – (2018) This research brief describes systematic synthetic phonics  and examines the research base behind it. View the Systematic Synthetic Phonics Explainer on the Five from Five YouTube channel.

Five from Five Research Brief 1 – Language Learning and Literacy L3

Language, Learning and Literacy (L3) – (2018) This research brief examines the research base, content and pedagogy for the ‘whole class’ literacy program L3  developed by NSW Government. View the L3 You Tube Video

Selected Publications

Reports and papers

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Why poor children are more likely to become poor readers: The school years, Jennifer Buckingham, Kevin Wheldall and Robyn Beaman-Wheldall, Australian Journal of Education (2013)

Recent articles

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