Paired/partner reading

In the paired/partner reading strategy, two students read the same passage aloud to each other. When partnering students, more fluent readers can be paired with less fluent readers, or students who read at the same level can be paired to reread a story they have already had modelled for them.

This strategy can also be used by teachers or instructors working with small groups or one-on-one with a student.

How to do paired/partner reading

  1. Explain the paired reading strategy to students. This includes:
    • Establishing a routine for students so they know the step-by-step process for paired reading. (Will they read out loud, simultaneously? Will they take turns with each person reading a paragraph or a page?)
    • Teaching students an error-correction procedure to use when supporting each other’s reading (re-reading misread words; signals for difficulty).
    • Modelling the procedure to ensure that students understand how to use the strategy.
  2. Ask students to begin reading in pairs and adjust reading speed if reading simultaneously so they stay together.
  3. Have the students offer feedback and praise to each other frequently for correct reading.
  4. Read the each passage several times.
  5. Monitor and support students as they work.

Adapted from Reading Rockets

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