Effective Instruction in Reading and Spelling

A comprehensive evidence-informed handbook for teaching children to read and spell in primary school

Reading and spelling in English are complex cognitive processes but, thanks to decades of scientific research, a great deal is known about how people learn to read and the most effective teaching methods. This book is based on the literature that comprises the Science of Reading, describing and recommending teaching practices that have the strongest evidence of effectiveness. Its chapters cover evidence-based models, the Five Big Ideas of reading, oral language, spelling, effective instruction and assessment, and how teachers can bring them all together to plan and implement high quality literacy lessons so that all children learn to read and spell.


Table of contents

Reader’s guide to this book
Author profiles
Chapter 1 | Introduction to the science of reading |Kevin Wheldall, Robyn Wheldall, Jennifer Buckingham & Nicola Bell
Chapter 2 | The alphabetic principle | Kathleen Rastle
Chapter 3 | Evidence-based models of reading | Kevin Wheldall & Nicola Bell
Chapter 4 | Effective instruction and intervention | Kevin Wheldall, Robyn Wheldall & Mark Carter
Chapter 5 | Oral language | Tanya Serry & Pamela Snow
Chapter 6 | Phonemic awareness | Roslyn Neilson
Chapter 7 | Phonics and word reading | Jennifer Buckingham & Robyn Wheldall
Chapter 8 | Spelling | Alison Madelaine
Chapter 9 | Reading fluency | Jennifer Buckingham
Chapter 10 | Vocabulary | Anna Notley & Nicola Bell
Chapter 11 | Reading comprehension | Jane Oakhill, Kate Cain, Carsten Elbro & Jennifer Buckingham
Chapter 12 | Assessment and progress monitoring | Nicola Bell, Kevin Wheldall & Jennifer Buckingham
Chapter 13 | In the classroom: Planning for teaching and assessment | Meree Reynolds, Alison Madelaine, Jennifer Buckingham, Nicola Bell, Robyn Wheldall, Anna Notley & Kevin Wheldall
Appendix | Simplified phonetic alphabet

The book contains links to webpages that provide multimedia resources and up-to-date content to complement the information in the book.

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