Dr Jennifer Buckingham explains why FIVE from FIVE is necessary and what it aims to achieve

The FIVE from FIVE project was developed with the objective of promoting effective, evidence-based reading instruction, by providing free resources to teachers, principals and parents and advocating for evidence-based policy with politicians and policy makers.
Dr Jennifer Buckingham founded FIVE from FIVE in 2016  after completing her PhD research at Macquarie University. Her research was an experimental study of a reading intervention for struggling readers in a socioeconomically disadvantaged school.
It was started at The Centre for Independent Studies with the support of Macquarie Foundation, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Belalberi Foundation, Kate and Peter Mason (Phase 1 – 2016/17), Eureka Benevolent Fund and Paul Ramsay Foundation (Phase 2 – 2018).
FIVE from FIVE is now supported by MultiLit Pty Ltd as a community project to promote evidence-based reading instruction and improve literacy.

FIVE from FIVE alliance

The FIVE from FIVE alliance is a group of organisations that endorse our objectives and work with FIVE from FIVE in mutually beneficial partnerships.