In audio-assisted reading, students read aloud along with a recording of a text. It is important that they have a copy of the text in front of them so they can read it aloud, not just listen. Audio-assisted reading provides modelling but does not have the benefit of feedback but it is a way of allowing students to practise reading when there is no adult available to read with them.


How to do audio-assisted reading

  1. The student reads along with an audio book of the appropriate difficulty level, either with the recording playing out loud or listening with headphones. They must have a copy of the text, too.
  2. If a recording is not available, you can make a recording of yourself or someone else reading a book aloud for the student to listen and read along with.


Readworks has online reading passages with audio of information and narrative texts.

You can find free audio books with downloadable PDF files of the text at Lit2Go.

There are recommendations for audiobooks for children that can be read along with books that may be in your school library at Commonsense Media.